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5 Estate Planning Steps for New Parents - Werner Law Firm

5 Estate Planning Steps for New Parents

It is incredibly stressful to be a new parent. Parenting is not something that anyone can be adequately prepared for. No matter how long you have thought about it and how much you have read about it. But between weathering the many sleepless nights and stressing endlessly over baby products, and the many challenges of

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Estate Planning: Different Types of Trusts - Werner Law Firm

Different Types of Trusts

In estate planning terms, a trust is both an agreement and an entity, created for the purpose of holding assets and accounts ‘in trust’ until they are ready to be distributed to designated beneficiaries. Trusts must be ‘funded’, which involves amending the assets mentioned within the trust document to reflect that they are now part

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What You Need to Know as a Trustee - Werner Law Firm

What You Need to Know as a Trustee

If you have been chosen as a trustee to one’s living trust, then understanding your responsibilities is crucial. The position of trustee places a considerable amount of work on your shoulders. It will be largely upon you to fulfill a trust’s purpose, over a indeterminate amount of time. In many ways, it’s an absolute honor

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the most common estate planning concerns-werner

The 5 Most Common Estate Planning Concerns

The biggest estate planning mistake people make is to begin worrying estate planning concerns too late. It is never too soon to plan your finances, especially because people do not know the future. While financial planning is the key to maintaining wealth, not preparing in the matters of your own estate could mean that everything

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