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Gain Peace of Mind with a Living Trust - Werner Law Firm

Gain Peace of Mind with a Living Trust

Future goals of making an estate plan now include avoiding probate later, as well as keeping estate taxes at bay. What most people don’t realize is that estate planning can be useful while they are still alive. One way of maintaining control of your assets, while still providing for loved ones after your death, is

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Three Things to Do When a Parent Dies

The death of a parent can be one of the most traumatic moments of a person’s life, whether it happens in one’s childhood or adult years. It may occur suddenly, or after a long illness, even after the parent no longer holds any memory of who the child is. The complexity of parent-child relationships can

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Estate Planning for Single Parents - Werner Law Firm

Estate Planning for Single Parents

Estate planning can be difficult for any parent, but single parents, without a spouse to inherit and take custody of children, must take special precautions when making wills and other end-of-life arrangements. While these documents can be changed (except in the case of an irrevocable trust), they should reflect your reality as a single mom

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Avoiding Probate & Helping Your Inheritors

One of the biggest reasons people conduct estate planning is for avoiding probate court and to care for their loved ones. More than any physical object, it is the best possible way to ease your family to the reality of life without you. Undertaking estate planning with the guidance of a legal professional is the

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Four Tax Changes to Know to Avoid a Surprise in 2019 - Werner Law Firm

Four 2019 Tax Changes to Know

It can be frustrating and work-intensive enough to plow through tax preparation. But completing the forms, then having to redo the work because you weren’t aware of tax law changes is even worse. Knowing current 2019 tax law is the best way to avoid either slipping up on your return or making costly, time-consuming mistakes.

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How an Unfunded Living Trust Poses Risks - Werner Law Firm

How an Unfunded Living Trust Poses Risks

A living trust is often cited as a low-risk way to avoid lengthy probate or certain taxes. It can be a straightforward way to divide assets or designate beneficiaries. Some kinds of trusts can be set up to automatically transfer assets to a spouse, others can be modified or amended without difficulty. But if a

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4 Reasons It’s Time to Update Your Estate Plan - Werner Law Firm

4 Reasons It’s Time to Update Your Estate Plan

Updating an estate plan can sometimes seem like a grim task. It involves facing your mortality, working with delicate family relationships, and sometimes making difficult decisions that can affect both you and your loved ones.  Reviewing estate plans is not usually how people choose to spend their free time. That being said, it is also

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How Revocable Living Trusts Add Flexibility - Werner Law Firm

How Revocable Living Trusts Add Flexibility

Revocable living trusts can add flexibility to your estate planning in a number of ways. By finding a legal professional to assess your situation and lead you through the process, you can find many different paths to deciding on the best solution for your family. It’s a good way to avoid the frustration and expense

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