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Estate Planning & Your Blended Family - Werner Law Firm

Estate Planning and Your Blended Family

Harmonious relations within a blended family can be difficult. The death of a loved one can often raise old feuds and bruised feelings, as well as furnish a breeding ground for new ones. If estate planning and end-of-life documents aren’t clear about the distribution of assets in the event of a newly blended family, a

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What Wills Don't Do - Werner Law Firm

What Wills Don’t Do

We’ve all seen dramatic readings of wills in movies and on television to establish who inherits which property. It’s a good theatrical device, but the reality is much more complicated. Simply naming an item or asset in your will does not guarantee that it then transfers to the person, people, or charity (the beneficiary) you

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Can a Living Trust Reduce Estate Taxes - Werner Law Firm

Can a Living Trust Reduce Estate Taxes?

One of the main advantages of undertaking estate planning is the avoidance of the probate process. Probate is the procedure by which a specialized or district court undertakes the distribution of a dead person’s belongings, which includes real estate, the contents of bank accounts, and personal items. The probate process can be unsettling, public, tiring,

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Are Living Trust Documents Made Public, Like Wills? - Werner Law Firm

Are Living Trust Documents Made Public, Like Wills?

Have you ever seen a TV show in which a living trust is dramatically unsealed? Probably not. Living trusts usually don’t make fodder for great drama because they are typically undertaken precisely to avoid the messy, lengthy probate process. In probate, a county court determines whether or not a last will and testament is valid,

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Non-Probate Assets: 6 Costly Types to Avoid - Werner Law Firm

Non-Probate Assets: 6 Costly Types to Avoid

The goal of most people who take on estate planning is to pass on their assists with as little worry, delay, or cost as possible. Many look for ways to ensure that their assets are non-probate assets or non-probate property. These are kinds of property that pass directly to those you have named as your

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"Living Trust Mills" Have Many Faces of Fraud - Werner Law Firm

The Many Faces of “Living Trust Mills”

We all know it’s important to provide care for our loved ones after we’re gone. For some that means to leave a legacy to our favorite charity to help sustain causes we’ve supported throughout our lives. We know we need to leave a valid will and maybe even a living trust to avoid probate, but

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Pour-Over Wills

What Are Pour-Over Wills, How Do They Work?

Pour-over wills provide peace of mind for both you and anyone else who stands to inherit all or part of your estate. They are so named because any assets not specified in a valid last-will-and-testament will “pour over” into a living trust, and thereby into the hands of the intended recipient(s). How Are Pour-Over Wills

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Can Life Estate Deeds Be Changed or Terminated? - Werner Law Firm

Can Life Estate Deeds Be Changed or Terminated?

While it’s not as easy as popping online and quickly changing a life insurance beneficiary, life estates can indeed be changed or terminated. It’s best to have responsible legal representation to guide you through the process and, if possible, be on good terms with everyone involved in the transaction.   What Is a Life Estate

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