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Will Your Heirs Wind Up in Probate Court?

In a perfect world, our earthly passing would mean that family members come together and divide our belongings in a way that best meets the needs of each individual, while simultaneously adhering to the wishes that we lovingly conveyed before our death. In the actual world, events following our departure can give rise to chaotic

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Are You Making Full Use of a Living Trust? - Werner Law Firm

Are You Making Full Use of a Living Trust?

Many people include living trusts in their estate planning for the purpose of avoiding the probate process. That’s a wise goal; probate is the legal machinations by which the state decides how a person’s assets ought to be distributed after a person dies. The process is draining for the deceased’s loved ones, beneficiaries, and executor,

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How Small Estates Can Bypass Probate - Werner Law Firm

How Small Estates Can Bypass Probate

It’s easy to assume that people with small estates can skip thinking about end of life documentation or estate planning. After all, if you do not have millions to disburse, why bother? However, any person with even the most minor collection of possessions has an estate at his or her disposal; if you have a

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Having "the Talk" About End-of-Life Planning - Werner Law Firm

Having “the Talk” About End-of-Life Planning

One of the most upsetting aspects of growing older is switching roles with parents. Many adult children become distressed upon finding themselves caring for an aging parent. Although help might be needed, parents are often reluctant to relinquish any control to their children, who they may regard as unable to understand their frustrations. Others may

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Gain Peace of Mind with a Living Trust - Werner Law Firm

Gain Peace of Mind with a Living Trust

Future goals of making an estate plan now include avoiding probate later, as well as keeping estate taxes at bay. What most people don’t realize is that estate planning can be useful while they are still alive. One way of maintaining control of your assets, while still providing for loved ones after your death, is

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Three Things to Do When a Parent Dies

The death of a parent can be one of the most traumatic moments of a person’s life, whether it happens in one’s childhood or adult years. It may occur suddenly, or after a long illness, even after the parent no longer holds any memory of who the child is. The complexity of parent-child relationships can

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