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Creating a Legacy Regardless of Current Wealth

In these modern generations, we are prone to fret about what financial assets we will be leaving for our children and grandchildren after we pass on from this life. The fact that over 60% of millennial’s – the generation born between the years of 1981 and 1996, in general – report expecting an inheritance from their parents,

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The Gift of a Living Trust

When considering end-of-life planning, very few of us relish the idea of our loved ones spending the days after our passing inside a courthouse, hashing out details of what goes to whom. This procedure is the matter of probate. Even with the proper preparation of a living trust or will, the probate courts maintain rules and

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Estate Planning for Aging Singles

With an increasing number of western adults choosing to spend their reproductive years in pursuit of careers, passions, and interests – and not buried in diapers, bottles, and college saving plans – the situation of Solo Aging has become a common theme within estate planning. In the United States, consistently declining birth rates – combined

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Will Your Heirs Wind Up in Probate Court?

In a perfect world, our earthly passing would mean that family members come together and divide our belongings in a way that best meets the needs of each individual, while simultaneously adhering to the wishes that we lovingly conveyed before our death. In the actual world, events following our departure can give rise to chaotic

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Are You Making Full Use of a Living Trust? - Werner Law Firm

Are You Making Full Use of a Living Trust?

Many people include living trusts in their estate planning for the purpose of avoiding the probate process. That’s a wise goal; probate is the legal machinations by which the state decides how a person’s assets ought to be distributed after a person dies. The process is draining for the deceased’s loved ones, beneficiaries, and executor,

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How Small Estates Can Bypass Probate - Werner Law Firm

How Small Estates Can Bypass Probate

It’s easy to assume that people with small estates can skip thinking about end of life documentation or estate planning. After all, if you don`t have millions to disburse, why bother? However, any person with even the most minor collection of possessions has an estate at his or her disposal; if you have a bank

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