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Heggstad Petition

Filing a Heggstad Petition in California

If you have inherited property in California, you may have encountered a Heggstad petition. While finding an error, omission, or oversight in a loved one’s estate planning can be upsetting, a properly filed Heggstad petition can avoid a lengthy probate process. Discussing the details of a Heggstad petition with your family and ensuring that they,

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Power of Attorney Requirements in California - Werner Law Firm

Power of Attorney Requirements in California

A power of attorney essentially permits another person to make choices in your name. In its simplest form, a document acting as a power of attorney can be life-changing, life-saving, and very dangerous in the wrong hands. Because of that – and because of the value we place on choice and individual liberty – creating

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California Probate Law Explained - Werner Law Firm

California Probate Law Explained

The probate process is one by which the law helps families determine what to do with a deceased loved one’s possessions, taking into consideration the law and their will, if it exists. While the probate process is not especially complicated, it can last well over a year, depending on the estate’s complexity and the circumstances

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