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Four Tax Changes to Know to Avoid a Surprise in 2019 - Werner Law Firm

Four 2019 Tax Changes to Know

It can be frustrating and work-intensive enough to plow through tax preparation. But completing the forms, then having to redo the work because you weren’t aware of tax law changes is even worse. Knowing current 2019 tax law is the best way to avoid either slipping up on your return or making costly, time-consuming mistakes.

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New Tax Law Changes for Itemized Deductions - Werner Law Firm

New Tax Law Changes for Itemized Deductions

The current tax reform bill signed into law by President Trump earlier last year and gone into effect starting this year (2018), has made significant changes to quite a few different types of taxes – not just for individuals, but for businesses, estates, and tax-exempt organizations like charities. Named the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

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The New U.S. Tax Law Must-Knows | Werner Law Firm

The New U.S. Tax Law Must-Knows

The new Republican 2018 US tax law has fought a political battle to be here, and has seen much opposition and criticism by both the public and select economists, but the pessimism surrounding the GOP’s new tax law is unfounded and may even be misleading. Regardless of whether you cash in your checks or run

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