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9 Promising Reasons to Establish a Living Trust

There are things a living trust can and cannot do. While having a comprehensive estate plan is important, it’s also crucial to take note of the fact that a trust is not a form of magic, but a legal document with stringent rules determining how it may be used, and when it should be deployed. …

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Understanding the Differences Between Wills and Living Trusts

When you begin planning your estate, you’ll likely come across the terms “will” and “living trust.” These estate planning options serve substantially different needs. While almost everyone has heard of a will, fewer people have heard of living trusts. Learn more about the differences between wills and living trusts to figure out which one best …

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The Gift of a Living Trust

When considering end-of-life planning, very few of us relish the idea of our loved ones spending the days after our passing inside a courthouse, hashing out details of what goes to whom. This procedure is the matter of probate. Even with the proper preparation of a living trust or will, the probate courts maintain rules and …

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Preparing Now for the Death of Your Healthy Spouse

For many, the subject of death is a taboo topic. Conjuring up images of scenarios where your loved one is no longer present can be traumatic. Due to the unpleasant nature of the idea, many put off making decisions to protect their financial future in the event of a loved one’s passing. They often realize, …

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Are You Making Full Use of a Living Trust? - Werner Law Firm

Are You Making Full Use of a Living Trust?

Many people include living trusts in their estate planning for the purpose of avoiding the probate process. That’s a wise goal; probate is the legal machinations by which the state decides how a person’s assets ought to be distributed after a person dies. The process is draining for the deceased’s loved ones, beneficiaries, and executor, …

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Gain Peace of Mind with a Living Trust - Werner Law Firm

Gain Peace of Mind with a Living Trust

Future goals of making an estate plan now include avoiding probate later, as well as keeping estate taxes at bay. What most people don’t realize is that estate planning can be useful while they are still alive. One way of maintaining control of your assets, while still providing for loved ones after your death, is …

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