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How Often Should Living Trusts Be Updated? - Werner Law Firm

How Often Should Living Trusts Be Updated?

Revocable living trusts are renowned for being the better alternative to a last will and testament, because of a myriad of estate planning features, the greatest of which is the ability to skip past the probate process. But just like a will must be updated to reflect life’s major changes and deal with unexpected events,

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What Is Probate, Anyway? | Werner Law Firm

What Is Probate, Anyway?

Probate comes from the old Latin and English for proving, giving a big clue on what the process is meant to do. A probate process illuminates the contents of a last will and testament and proves them, legitimizing the will and authorizing its execution at the hands of a capable and court-appointed estate executor. The

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6 Times You Need to Update Your Will | Werner Law Firm

6 Times You Need to Update Your Will

Most Americans lack any sort of estate plan or will whatsoever, which can be to a huge detriment to their family after death. While the law tries and makes the probate process as simply and straightforward as possible, it can be a distressing experience for a family to deal with the consequences of no end-of-life

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The Issue With Life Estate Deeds | Werner Law Firm

The Issue With Life Estate Deeds

The law provides people with many ways to protect their property, and ensure that their will is properly executed after their death. When you own something, you have a vast level of control over your property. You can change it, damage it, tear it down, repurpose it, or safeguard it. However, when you’re dead, all

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What Are AB Living Trusts, How Do They Work? | Werner Law Firm

What Are AB Living Trusts, How Do They Work?

Estate planning is the art of ensuring that your wealth remains as untouched as possible, without cheating the government out of any necessary taxes. A legally sound and competent estate plan can be the make-or-break difference between paying millions of dollars in taxes, or leaving your inheritors with an estate that is mostly intact. Among some of

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Living Trusts vs. Wills | Werner Law Firm

Living Trusts vs. Wills

When life ends, we lose our need for material wealth. While no one knows what lies beyond a grave, we do know that our properties and belongings will not do us much good – and instead, we seek to pass these on to the next generation. However, the world of property laws and ownership is

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