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Defining a Springing Power of Attorney in California

Estate planning tools can be powerful when used appropriately. A power of attorney can be used to grant designated individuals, or “agents”, the right to act on your behalf, whether in a limited capacity or to fulfill a single purpose. Different power of attorney documents is used for different purposes.  Most of the time, a …

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Resolving Probate Problems with Siblings - Werner Law

Resolving Probate Problems with Siblings

If you are anticipating family issues when you pass away and leave behind an inheritance for your loved ones, then heading them off is crucial. Even simple squabbles can turn into vicious and litigious fights down the road, and sore wounds can become years and decades of alienation, nonstop fighting, and eventually lead to an …

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Questions To Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer - Werner Law Firm

Questions To Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer 

Prepare to meet you lawyer with these eight questions to ask a personal injury lawyer. Learn more about how to get ready. Personal injury cases can be critical for the financial survival of a victim. Compensation for a personal injury claim can end up being the difference between financial distress and completely covering all medical costs and …

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