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While a living trust can help parties avoid probate and statutory rigors and attorney fees, there is still work to administer a trust after the deceased settlor’s death. California trust administration, when done properly, protects successor trustees and the estate from potential civil liabilities. Trust beneficiaries are individuals for whom the trust is created. The trust creator or grantor designates beneficiaries and a trustee, who has a fiduciary duty to manage trust assets in the best interests of beneficiaries as outlined in the trust agreement.

If you need help administering a trust, contact Werner Law Firm to speak with an experienced California trust administration attorney about your unique needs and case. Founded on more than 40 years of estate planning experience, Werner Law Firm is backed by legal honors and earning recognition as the Nation’s Top One Percent of Attorneys by the NADC. We understand what it takes to create an effective, legally sound trust. Because client satisfaction is our top priority, our goal is to make the process easier for everyone involved. Contact us today to learn how we can meet all of your trust administration needs.


There are a lot of questions that come up when a loved one passes. It is a simple reality that even in close families, administering a trust can create discord among family members. One family member is often put in charge as the successor trustee, leaving other beneficiaries feeling disenfranchised and left in the dark. Throughout the process, we assist the successor trustee in dealing with real property, financial accounts, and other assets, setting up a trust account with a separate tax ID number, providing an accounting, and distributing the funds. A dedicated California trust administration attorney at Werner Law Firm can answer family members, beneficiaries and provide an open, inclusive process.


Should the need arise, of course, our legal team is highly experienced in probate and trust litigation. This option may be necessary when there is a complete breakdown or discord between co-trustees or beneficiaries. While such litigation is time-consuming, lengthy, and often expensive, it may be the best way to overcome an impasse. Though trust litigation may be necessary, it is better to avoid it when possible.

Because of this, you need an experienced California trust administration attorney who can help you navigate the process without the need for court proceedings. At Werner Law Firm, we can answer questions early on, resolve conflicts, and to ensure a seamless, positive experience during a typically difficult and emotional time, we can help make the process smoother. If you have any probate-related questions, please contact us today for a free initial consultation with a dedicated California trust administration attorney.



As a full-service law firm, we represent clients with passion and commitment to their particular needs. During a free case evaluation, we closely assess each aspect of the individual’s or family’s case. From there, we can develop a unique strategy based on the personal attributes of the case. After developing a case strategy, we will work relentlessly on our client’s behalf to resolve the specifics of the legal matter at hand. Whether you want to protect your estate or you have suffered injuries from a dog bite, we are prepared to be your guide through each step of the legal process. Please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.


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