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Conservatorship California Must-Knows - Werner Law Firm

Conservatorship California Must-Knows

The controversial conservatorship California case of Britney Spears is back in the news cycle, with her continued efforts to reclaim control over her life after her conservatorship began in 2008. Regardless of how you might feel about that case – even after the fact that conservatorships are a matter of public record, it’s still very

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Duties and Responsibilities of a Conservator - Werner Law Firm

Duties and Responsibilities of a Conservator

A conservator is appointed by a court to care for an adult who is mentally or physically disabled and incapable of caring fully for themselves, or a minor in need of an adult to manage finances and properties under their name. Conservators have a fiduciary duty to their conservatees, and the exact limits of their

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What Is Conservatorship, How Does It Work? - Werner Law Firm

What Is Conservatorship, How Does It Work?

When an adult is no longer capable of caring for themselves, their loved ones may step in to care for them – to the point of taking full authority over their lives, if circumstances validate it. That is what a conservatorship authorizes. Conservatorships may be considered in cases where adults are no longer self-sufficient due

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