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Laws of Intestacy in California

Intestacy laws determine who gets what after death, if no valid last will and testament was left behind. Intestacy refers to dying intestate, or without a testament of one’s final wishes regarding the contents of one’s estate. In general, intestacy laws dictate the succession in which a person’s relatives inherit their assets and personal property. …

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Debt After Death: Can You Inherit Debt? - Werner Law Firm

Debt After Death: Can You Inherit Debt?

As more and more Americans struggle to save up for retirement and finance their end-of-life care, many surviving children will find themselves worried about the debt their parents leave behind. While debt does not die with its debtor, it also is not typically inherited. Unfortunately, it is going to become more common to die with …

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Dying Intestate

The Dire Consequences of Dying Intestate

Death is a topic most people approach with reluctance, especially in deaths and losses in the family. When we lose a loved one, the impact can hit far and wide, causing pain and grief for years to come. Yet, there are other consequences to death, especially in a legal context. The consequences of dying intestate …

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