Alternatives and Shortcuts to the Probate Process in California - Werner Law Firm

Alternatives and Shortcuts to the Probate Process in California

The probate process can be a lengthy and expensive affair for certain estates, especially after they have reached a specific scope and level of complexity. But it is not always necessary, and there are ways to shorten and even avoid probate. Careful estate planning tools can serve as an alternative option to California probate and …

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How Long Do Probate Proceedings Typically Last? - Werner Law Firm

How Long Do Probate Proceedings Typically Last?

Probate is an important part of the estate planning process, as it usually sets the timeframe from your death to the total dissolution and distribution of your estate. However, contrary to popular belief, probate does not always last forever. The probate proceedings process can be truncated, sped through, or even skipped depending on the circumstances, …

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How to Help Loved Ones Avoid the Probate Process - Werner Law Firm

How to Keep Your Loved Ones From Going Through the Probate Process

For many families, probate is not ideal. It’s hard enough dealing with a loved one’s loss, but to then be inundated with a long and arduous legal process to eventually see their property be rightfully distributed can be frustrating, difficult, and expensive. While the California probate process isn’t as bad as it may be in …

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4 Issues That May Arise With Property in Probate

When real estate is part of a decedent’s assets, heirs and beneficiaries often choose to sell the home and split the proceeds. However, realtors involved in the buying or selling of homes in probate should know the potential risks involved with property in probate. 1. Negotiations Include More Parties Negotiating the price of a probate …

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