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California Probate Explained

Unless an individual dies with a living trust or meets other specific criteria, their estate must go through probate after they pass away. The California probate process ensures that all of the estate’s debts are paid and that the assets are distributed to the proper beneficiaries and heirs. From start to finish, this process typically …

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Understanding the “Quiet Title” Action - Werner Law Firm

Understanding the “Quiet Title” Action

Selling properties in probate is a time-consuming process, but it’s an important task that helps families move on and prepare for the next stage of life. However, property in probate is prone to disputes, particularly if there’s an unclear will or multiple beneficiaries who want to lay claim to the house. A quiet title can …

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California Probate Alternatives: Recognize Your Options - Werner Law Firm

Probate Alternatives in California: You May Have Options

While not the most complex in the country, California’s probate process can be both frustrating and long-winded for many concerned with finding the best possible way to pass on their wealth to the next generation. Luckily, multiple California probate alternatives ease the process. Probate occurs when a person dies, and a court is called to …

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Will Your Heirs Wind Up in Probate Court?

In a perfect world, our earthly passing would mean that family members come together and divide our belongings in a way that best meets the needs of each individual, while simultaneously adhering to the wishes that we lovingly conveyed before our death. In the actual world, events following our departure can give rise to chaotic …

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How Small Estates Can Bypass Probate - Werner Law Firm

How Small Estates Can Bypass Probate

It’s easy to assume that people with small estates can skip thinking about end of life documentation or estate planning. After all, if you do not have millions to disburse, why bother? However, any person with even the most minor collection of possessions has an estate at his or her disposal; if you have a …

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