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Different Types of Wills

There are many types of wills that address differing circumstances. While most wills have similar basic requirements, each type of testament serves a specific purpose. A will is a document that reflects your last and final will regarding your belongings, as well as your current dependents. Through a last will and testament, you should aim

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Here's Why a Basic Will Is Not Enough - Werner Law Firm

Here’s Why a Basic Will Is Not Enough

When it comes to estate planning, the complexity of your estate plan should generally match the complexity of your estate. It’s true that smaller and simpler estates call for smaller and simpler plans – but there’s more to estate planning, inheritance, and legacy management than a basic last will and testament. In most cases, you

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Creating a Will: The Breakdown - Werner Law Firm

Creating a Will: The Breakdown

A person’s last will and testament is a very powerful document, if designed and executed properly. A will acts as a blueprint for the distribution of everything you own after you die, and can be used to assign more than just monetary value, giving you one last opportunity to address the family in a meaningful

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What Wills Don't Do - Werner Law Firm

What Wills Don’t Do

We’ve all seen dramatic readings of wills in movies and on television to establish who inherits which property. It’s a good theatrical device, but the reality is much more complicated. Simply naming an item or asset in your will does not guarantee that it then transfers to the person, people, or charity (the beneficiary) you

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Are Living Trust Documents Made Public, Like Wills? - Werner Law Firm

Are Living Trust Documents Made Public, Like Wills?

Have you ever seen a TV show in which a living trust is dramatically unsealed? Probably not. Living trusts usually don’t make fodder for great drama because they are typically undertaken precisely to avoid the messy, lengthy probate process. In probate, a county court determines whether or not a last will and testament is valid,

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