What Should Be Included in a Simple Will? - Werner Law

What Should Be Included in a Simple Will?

The quintessential cornerstone of nearly any estate plan is the will. It is the first document that comes to mind when we talk about inheritance and bequeathment, and it is a versatile tool with the ability to distribute property and assets, name guardians for our minor dependents, and even make note of funerary wishes. Dying …

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What is a Codicil to a Will? - Werner Law

What is a Codicil to a Will?

A codicil is an addendum or amendment to a last will and testament. It takes priority over the original document, provided it is dated and witnessed correctly, and thus properly supersedes the will. The term itself comes from the Latin cōdicillus, which translates into “a short writing” – explaining exactly what a codicil should be. …

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8 Tips for Creating Wills for Seniors - Werner Law

8 Tips for Creating Wills for Seniors

What to know about creating wills for seniors? More than three quarters of Americans aged 65 and above have a will nowadays, although that number drops significantly to just over half of all Americans aged 50 to 64. This is good news for millions of adults, as even a simple will can go a long …

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Will Attorney - Werner Law Firm

What Is a Will Attorney and How Can They Help? 

A will attorney, or estate planning attorneys, define themselves as “specialized” and typically work in estate planning or family law firms. Learn more about how they can help you. Most attorneys specialize in specific elements of the law. The complexity of the law is such that when faced with the prospect of hiring a legal …

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California Requirements For Last Will and Testament - Werner Law

California State-Specific Requirements for a Last Will and Testament 

California requirements for a last will and testament can be confusing. Hiring a professional will ensure that your documents are legally binding. A last will and testament is the classic example of a basic estate planning document: a legally enforceable set of instructions left behind, to be executed after death, pertaining to the distribution and bequeathment of …

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Different Types of Wills - Werner Law Firm

Different Types of Wills

There are many types of wills that address differing circumstances. While most wills have similar basic requirements, each type of testament serves a specific purpose. A will is a document that reflects your last and final will regarding your belongings, as well as your current dependents. Through a last will and testament, you should aim …

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