Living Trust vs. Revocable Will - Werner Law Firm

Living Trust vs. Revocable Will 

It’s never pleasant to think of the contingencies you might have to set in place to account for your death. Life is unpredictable, and things can happen when you least expect them. That’s why it’s essential to prepare for the unexpected by ensuring that our affairs are in order should the worst come to pass. …

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Testate vs. Intestate - Werner Law Firm

Testate vs. Intestate: What’s The Difference? 

When a person passes away, they leave behind assets, properties, and accounts that must be distributed among the living. Under most circumstances, it’s the decedent’s heirs and beneficiaries that receive the estate. But in what order, and what amounts? If a person left behind legal instructions on the matters of their estate, they died testate. If …

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Trust Litigation Attorney - Werner Law Firm

What Is a Trust Litigation Attorney and How Can They Help? 

A trust litigation attorney plays a role in helping beneficiaries receive what they are entitled to and providing trustees the defense they may need against frivolous lawsuits. Trusts are rarely cut and dry, but trustee interference or poor conduct can make an already opaque and difficult situation far harder. The last thing you want to …

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Bankruptcy Attorney - Werner Law Firm

How To Choose The Right Bankruptcy Attorney 

Filing bankruptcy on your own is always an option, but it carries tremendous risk, and finding the right bankruptcy attorney can make a big difference. Bankruptcy cases are often more complicated than meets the eye – and even a single mistake can be quite costly. And when looking for legal help in a bankruptcy case, you are best …

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In Trust For vs. Payable on Death - Werner Law Firm

In Trust For vs. Payable on Death 

In trust for vs. payable on death are two popular ways to transfer homes, vehicles, cash and bank accounts. Read on to learn more about the differences. Estate plans can be drafted to transfer property and assets from one person to another upon death. They are not limited to the rich and powerful and can …

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Questions To Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer - Werner Law Firm

Questions To Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer 

Prepare to meet you lawyer with these eight questions to ask a personal injury lawyer. Learn more about how to get ready. Personal injury cases can be critical for the financial survival of a victim. Compensation for a personal injury claim can end up being the difference between financial distress and completely covering all medical costs and …

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Can An Executor Sell Property to Himself? - Werner Law Firm

Can An Executor Sell Property to Himself? 

Can an executer sell property to himself? In theory, yes but there are a few variables such as state law and intestacy. While it’s a slippery slope, to say the least, there are certain circumstances under which it may not be wrong to purchase the property in an estate yourself for multiple different reasons.  However, …

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How To Avoid Probate in California - Werner Law Firm

How To Avoid Probate in California

Learning how to avoid probate in California is essential. Take the right steps by reducing the estate, joint ownership and leveraging trusts. The probate process can be lengthy, costly, and stressful. The larger and more complicated the estate, the more these adjectives apply. Yet, there are ways to circumvent, expedite, or even skip probate in the state …

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Will and Power of Attorney - Werner Law Firm

How Does a Will and Power of Attorney Differ From One Another? 

It’s wise to construct a will and power of attorney as part of your real estate plan, and they often compliment one another. Read below to learn more. When approaching an estate planning professional on developing a document to detail the distribution of your wealth after death, you ask for a will. When approaching an estate …

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