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Tackling the Estate Planning Process as a Young Couple - Werner Law Firm

Tackling the Estate Planning Process as a Young Couple

In the mind of most, estate planning is relegated to those approaching or within retirement age, with the financial health needed to think about wealth management, asset allocation, and eventual inheritance issues. However, there’s really more to estate planning than meets the eye – and the argument can be made that young couples should think

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Designating the Right Trustee for Your Estate - Werner Law Firm

Designating the Right Trustee for Your Estate

When setting up a trust, it pays to be thorough. Most people who may have an interest in setting up a trust for their estate understand that a successfully developed and implemented living trust can often be the difference between a smooth inheritance process, and unnecessary consequences. Part of every trust is eventually deciding whose

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Creating a Will: The Breakdown - Werner Law Firm

Creating a Will: The Breakdown

A person’s last will and testament is a very powerful document, if designed and executed properly. A will acts as a blueprint for the distribution of everything you own after you die, and can be used to assign more than just monetary value, giving you one last opportunity to address the family in a meaningful

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Understanding the “Quiet Title” Action - Werner Law Firm

Understanding the “Quiet Title” Action

Selling properties in probate is a time-consuming process, but it’s an important task that helps families move on and prepare for the next stage of life. However, property in probate is prone to disputes, particularly if there’s an unclear will or multiple beneficiaries who want to lay claim to the house. A quiet title can

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DIY Estate Planning? 5 Reasons You Need a Lawyer

Planning your estate is perhaps one of the most important things you can do for your family. Everything you’ve worked for throughout your life can continue to provide for your loved ones after you pass, but only if you handle your estate accordingly. While it’s tempting to cut costs with DIY estate planning forms, there

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How to Omit Tax Problems When Settling an Estate - Werner Law Firm

How to Omit Tax Problems When Settling an Estate

When a person passes away, everything they own is transferred to others. How exactly that occurs, however, depends on different factors. When a person dies, their assets and wealth become their estate, which is appropriately distributed among their next of kin either according to their own wishes – as per proper documentation – or according

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