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Wills, Trusts & Probate Law Blog

In Trust For vs. Payable on Death - Werner Law Firm

In Trust For vs. Payable on Death 

In trust for vs. payable on death are two popular ways to transfer homes, vehicles, cash and bank accounts. Read on to learn more about the differences. Estate plans can be drafted to transfer property and assets from one person to another upon death. They are not limited to the rich and powerful and can

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Questions To Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer - Werner Law Firm

Questions To Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer 

Prepare to meet you lawyer with these eight questions to ask a personal injury lawyer. Learn more about how to get ready. Personal injury cases can be critical for the financial survival of a victim. Compensation for a personal injury claim can end up being the difference between financial distress and completely covering all medical costs and

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Can An Executor Sell Property to Himself? - Werner Law Firm

Can An Executor Sell Property to Himself? 

Can an executer sell property to himself? In theory, yes but there are a few variables such as state law and intestacy. While it’s a slippery slope, to say the least, there are certain circumstances under which it may not be wrong to purchase the property in an estate yourself for multiple different reasons.  However,

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How To Avoid Probate in California - Werner Law Firm

How To Avoid Probate in California

Learning how to avoid probate in California is essential. Take the right steps by reducing the estate, joint ownership and leveraging trusts. The probate process can be lengthy, costly, and stressful. The larger and more complicated the estate, the more these adjectives apply. Yet, there are ways to circumvent, expedite, or even skip probate in the state

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Will Attorney - Werner Law Firm

What Is a Will Attorney and How Can They Help? 

A will attorney, or estate planning attorneys, define themselves as “specialized” and typically work in estate planning or family law firms. Learn more about how they can help you. Most attorneys specialize in specific elements of the law. The complexity of the law is such that when faced with the prospect of hiring a legal

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Probate Without a Will - Werner Law Firm

Probate Without a Will: How Does It Work?

Probate without a will can be a lengthy, confusing process. Dying without a will can complicate the succession asset distribution process, based on state laws. A person’s death is succeeded by the dissolution of their estate, or in other words, the distribution of everything they own. While we may mourn and honor the dead, most

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California Requirements For Last Will and Testament - Werner Law

California State-Specific Requirements for a Last Will and Testament 

California requirements for a last will and testament can be confusing. Hiring a professional will ensure that your documents are legally binding. A last will and testament is the classic example of a basic estate planning document: a legally enforceable set of instructions left behind, to be executed after death, pertaining to the distribution and bequeathment of

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Estate Litigation - Werner Law Firm

6 Steps To Help Avoid Estate Litigation

Estate litigation can be a huge endeavor. It’s no small thing to prepare the necessary documentation, and do the actual planning. Planning an estate can be a huge and cumbersome endeavor. It’s no small thing to prepare the necessary documentation, get everything notarized, and amend all the necessary ownership papers, not to mention do the

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Who Inherits When There Is No Will In California? - Werner Law

Who Inherits When There Is No Will in California?

Who Inherits When There Is No Will in California? A simple estate plan drafted with a professional can save you headache from incomplete plans. Dying intestate? You might want to think twice. Passing away without a will or any other form of estate planning means that the State needs to decide what to do with what you

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