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Conservatorship vs Guardianship What's the Difference? - Werner Law Firm

Conservatorship vs Guardianship: What’s the Difference?

The similarities between conservatorship vs guardianship are in both description and definition. Conservatorships are generally applied to adults, while guardianships typically involve minors. Guardianships and conservatorships center around managing a single person’s affairs and financials. In guardianships, the person managed is known as the ward, while in conservatorships, they are known as the conservatee. Depending …

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What Is a Contingent Beneficiary and How Do You Choose One? - Werner Law Firm

What Is a Contingent Beneficiary and How Do You Choose One?

A contingent beneficiary is a secondary beneficiary who only inherits if the first or primary beneficiary refuses their inheritance or cannot inherit. A contingent beneficiary is not a second or third beneficiary who will inherit in addition to your first heir. If everything goes “well,” the contingent beneficiary may not inherit anything. One of the …

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Why is Estate Planning Important - Werner Law Firm

Why Is Estate Planning Important?

An estate plan encapsulates all elements utilized to preserve a person’s legacy after death. This includes managing and bequeathing their belongings, anticipating and sidestepping unwanted complications, and developing strategies for unforeseen incapacity or permanent disability. Simply put, an estate plan is composed of several different contingencies and plans of action in the event of certain …

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How To Retrieve Unclaimed Inheritance Money - Werner Law Firm

How to Retrieve Unclaimed Inheritance Money

Everything we leave behind must be redistributed among the living when we die. However, what happens if the residents can’t locate what we have left behind? What happens to forgotten bank accounts, retirement funds left inaccessible, unclaimed wages, and property with no deeds or paperwork? What happens to everything that is lost to time or …

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Should an AB Trust Be Part of Your Estate Plan? - Werner Law Firm

Should an AB Trust Be Part of Your Estate Plan?

AB trusts are an increasingly uncommon albeit valuable type of living trust, specialized for wealth preservation, tax avoidance, and long-term financial planning. At its core, an AB trust requires a married couple to file a two-part trust scheme that utilizes the individual tax exemption limits to create a tax-free inheritance for their ultimate beneficiaries. AB trusts are not …

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