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Options for How to Title Your Property - Werner Law Firm

Options for How to Title Your Property

When formulating an estate plan, the ultimate goal is to effectively transfer one’s wealth to any and all surviving loved ones, at a minimal cost both emotionally and financially. For many families, the most valuable and important part of the estate is its real estate. For some this is the family home, for others, it

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What to Do When You're Disinherited - Werner Law Firm

What to Do When You’re Disinherited

Different circumstances can lead to a crucial family member being disinherited – being left out of the will of a deceased person. While most families only recognize these situations from the TV drama they create in the lives of A- to C-list celebrities, plenty of average families struggle with will disputes and arguments over inheritance,

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4 Issues That May Arise With Property in Probate

When real estate is part of a decedent’s assets, heirs and beneficiaries often choose to sell the home and split the proceeds. However, realtors involved in the buying or selling of homes in probate should know the potential risks involved with property in probate. 1. Negotiations Include More Parties Negotiating the price of a probate

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Document Protection for Disaster Planning - Werner Law Firm

Document Protection for Disaster Planning

Over a dozen Category 5 storms have swept up the Atlantic since 2003, most often in the months of August, September, and October. Although we’ve been recording Category 5 hurricanes for nearly a century, the past 16 years account for over a third of the 35 currently recorded Category 5 hurricanes in history. As numerous

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Don't Forget Fido! Estate Planning for Pets - Werner Law Firm

Don’t Forget Fido! Estate Planning for Pets

If today’s Facebook and Instagram feeds are anything to go by, it’s clear that humans are totally obsessed with cats and dogs. But this isn’t a new development – in fact, it’s older than all of civilization. The earliest irrefutable evidence of canine domestication is over 14,000 years old, and some evidence even points towards

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