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Werner Law Firm has proudly served clients in Simi Valley since 1975. If you are dealing with a difficult legal situation or have some other legal matter, we are happy to provide you with high-quality counsel and representation. We encourage you to find out what we can do on your behalf by talking with a living trust lawyer in Simi Valley, CA from Werner Law Firm.

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Building the Right Estate Plan

When implemented correctly, a trust can be a great asset for any estate plan. But they are not always necessary. Building an estate plan involves much more than just covering for all scenarios or asking a lawyer to arbitrarily use half a dozen different tools and provisions. Some estates require a complex approach, while other estates are much simpler. In any case, our living trust lawyers are focused on efficiently achieving your goals.

An inefficient estate plan is more than a waste of money or time, it can be a tremendous obstacle in the path of your family after you pass away. It can present headache after headache at a time of grief and solemn sorrow. For instance, executing an overly complex trust could create additional steps for families in administering the trust. Such steps could involve the need to hire a CPA, a tax professionals, or an attorney to help administer, all without creating enough benefit to warrant such costs. Sometimes, simpler is better.

With a well-made estate plan, you can ensure that you leave behind a clear and smooth transition for your property and your wealth, removing ambiguity and giving your family more time and space to deal with their emotions rather than their finances. Our living trust lawyers will make this possible for you. Not through templates and adapted forms, but through unique and tailored work, carefully crafted documents, and a thorough and comprehensive estate plan that covers exactly what's needed.

Estate plans, despite their terminal nature, are not meant to be set in stone upon their first iteration. They evolve and change as circumstances change – and for many, updating an estate plan is necessary at least once a year, and once for every important family event or change. Not only will our living trust lawyers help you set up all documentation and craft the right estate plan for you, but they will advise you on when to come back for changes and adjustments, and what to consider for the future.

Guiding You Through the Probate Process

Living Trust Lawyer in Simi Valley - Werner Law FirmProbate is not always necessary, but there are times when you must take probate into account as part of your estate plan. Our probate attorneys can help prepare your family for the challenges ahead, letting you pick an administrator, helping you set up a timeline for your probate process, and helping your family better prepare for the probate process.

Even when using a trust, there are cases when some assets are missed and do not pass through the trust document. In this case, a special pour-over will may help you transfer these assets into your/a trust after you pass away, without having to amend or add onto your trust document. Amending a trust can be difficult if not given enough time, and a pour-over will if implemented correctly can act as a safety measure to protect most of your estate.

Regardless of how big your estate is and whether or whether not your estate needs a trust or a probate process, our probate attorneys will help you create an estate plan that best suits your circumstances and specific needs.

An Experienced Living Trust Lawyer in Simi Valley, CA

At Werner Law Firm, we have been representing clients for over 40 years. Regardless of your particular matter, we are available to help! You may contact us to schedule a consultation with a living trust lawyer in Simi Valley with our firm. We have helped thousands of individuals with various challenges and we would be happy to help you.

Our goal is to provide clients with the attention, advocacy, and representation they need to successfully guide them through their legal matters. We serve clients in the following areas of practice, among others:

      • Living trusts
      • Wills
      • Probate
      • Personal injury
      • Bankruptcy

Contact Werner Law Firm today if you have any legal questions. We are proud to serve individuals throughout Simi Valley, CA.

Providing Free Initial Consultations

As a full-service law firm, we represent clients with passion and commitment to their particular needs. During a free case evaluation, we closely assess each aspect of the individual’s or family’s case. From there, we can develop a unique strategy based on the personal attributes of the case. After developing a case strategy, we will work relentlessly on our client’s behalf to resolve the specifics of the legal matter at hand. Whether you want to protect your estate or you have suffered injuries from a dog bite, we are prepared to be your guide through each step of the legal process. Please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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