Is It Necessary to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

There were over 2.31 million injuries related to car accidents in 2013, a figure that has been steadily rising for decades, while dropping more recently. While it is a staggering statistic, new innovations such as self-driving cars and modernized public transport solutions may make our roads safer. Innovations in data and oversight help make construction areas accident-free. And as technology advances, so may our ability to prevent and treat injuries of all kinds.

Yet until then, accidents will continue to be a part of life. As tragic as an accident can be, it is often the aftermath that can leave victims most distraught, and shattered – both financially and in spirit. After an accident, injuries sustained must be treated and paid for, and while insurance exists to keep you covered, there are several circumstances and possibilities wherein you may be left without coverage, or with limited coverage, when you may have very well deserved full compensation and treatment.

Understanding when and why to seek a professional car accident lawyer in the event of an accident can save you money, stress, and even emotional and severe financial trauma. Medical costs are no joke, and they do not factor in the cost of opportunity as a business owner, the loss of your salary due to a prolonged injury, and any further financial repercussions such as the long-term cost of medication, therapy, or the repairs needed to get your vehicle and/or property in working condition.

Hiring a Lawyer Early in the Legal Process

The law is not ambiguous on accidents – but accidents themselves can be full of complications, misunderstandings, missed details and fine print. It is foolish to make any quick judgment about a case until all the facts are in and experts have had a chance to go over them.

Even if you have been in what may be a textbook example of a car accident, consulting with legal professionals to get an opinion on what to do next to ensure that you can cover your medical costs and the cost of repair may end up saving you more money in the long-term than choosing to save on legal fees and instead tackle the aftermath of an accident alone.

What makes an attorney so vital is not just their legal experience, but the network of professionals they can bring to the table to help them in making a better, more informed decision on how to proceed – and to help you against an insurer’s own network of experts. From private detectives to medical experts, attorneys work with many people to give them the information they need to argue for you in court – and a good attorney may help defend your right to proper compensation.

Not Having a Car Accident Lawyer May Actually Cost You More

Ultimately, being prepared against the aftermath of an accident is not just something you should do as a victim – it is also something you should consider doing if the evidence is stacked against you. Accidents are accidents, they do not involve intent – yet in the heat of the moment, details can be muddled and blame can be shifted. Without proper legal aid at your side, you may end up paying a far harsher penalty than you might have to – and you may even find that you are entitled to a lot more than you were originally led to believe.

Always ensure that you seek legal counsel before letting the aftermath of an accident potentially ruin you financially and career-wise. Accidents are not clear-cut, and a good attorney can help you ensure that you do not make any verbal mistakes that might be misconstrued as an admission of fault. Anything – including the slightest “I’m sorry” – can be twisted and turned against you in the courtroom.

Lying is never a clever idea – yet admitting to what you think you may have done may land you in more hot water than letting the truth be carefully examined by a professional car accident lawyer.

When Accidents Become Legal Issues

The thing about accidents is that they are almost always a legal issue. There are many cases of non-fatal accidents where the law does not have to get involved – slipping on a neighbor’s terrace without major injury most likely is not going to end up in a grand scale lawsuit. But when you are in a car accident, or when you suffered a burn at work, it is never a bad idea to seek an attorney’s opinion.

Make no assumptions on any given scenario – be sure to seek advice in any case involving an injury and a hefty bill. Often enough, when the blame is clear, your insurance will cover the costs. Yet when insurance is not involved, and you find yourself the victim without proper compensation, then seeking legal help may be necessary.

Beyond Just a Settlement

Few people enjoy the stress of a courtroom soon after the stress of a major accident and injury – but without proper legal representation, few people have a choice in that matter. A good lawyer will not just give you the option of winning in a battle – a good lawyer will give you the option of settling the case in a way that best suits you and your circumstances.

Sometimes, it is important to prioritize settling a case quickly, so you can focus on returning to work and life. At other times, it is important to prioritize making the most of the situation, so you can take your time to heal and go over your options after the accident. The law is not about revenge, or opportunity – it is about coming to a just conclusion. And sometimes, only a good lawyer can help you find the justice you need after a grueling accident.

Insured Against Insurance

Insurance companies exist to provide a service – to keep you financially insured in the case of any realized risks. If you are in an accident, then your insurance or the insurance of whomever is at fault – with the laws being different from state to state – should cover for your troubles. Yet insurance companies are also companies, and they work for profit.

If an insurance company sees a reason not to compensate you fully or to completely reject your claim, there is little you can do as a single individual to refute them and challenge them in court. But with the expertise of a professional car accident lawyer at your side, and the resources they can make available in your defense, you have a better shot at defending yourself against what may be a baseless denial towards your legitimate claim.

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