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3 Money Conversations Families Must Have | Werner Law Firm

3 Money Conversations Families Must Have

Most families agree that money conversations are incredibly important, especially surrounding the topics of retirement and inheritance. But most children and parents cannot come to an agreement on why or what topics exactly are most important, and despite concluding that finance and death are crucial, neither generally agree on when to approach these topics –

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In Pets We Trust | Defined Ventures, Inc.

In Pets We Trust

To many people, pets are more than just furry property. They are family members. Yet the law is clear in that a pet belongs to you, and apart from relatively recent animal welfare laws, a pet is simply property. As such, when you pass away without making a formal arrangement to care for your pet,

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Living Wills & Advance Directives Explained | Werner Law Firm

Living Wills and Advance Directives Explained

A living will can best be described as a healthcare directive and is otherwise known as an advanced directive. It is a document, largely drafted and signed by the person it pertains to, detailing exactly what that person’s will is regarding their medical care under specific circumstances, particularly those within which said person is unable

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The New U.S. Tax Law Must-Knows | Werner Law Firm

The New U.S. Tax Law Must-Knows

The new Republican 2018 US tax law has fought a political battle to be here, and has seen much opposition and criticism by both the public and select economists, but the pessimism surrounding the GOP’s new tax law is unfounded and may even be misleading. Regardless of whether you cash in your checks or run

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