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Dying Intestate

The Dire Consequences of Dying Intestate

Death is a topic most people approach with reluctance, especially in deaths and losses in the family. When we lose a loved one, the impact can hit far and wide, causing pain and grief for years to come. Yet, there are other consequences to death, especially in a legal context. The consequences of dying intestate

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Online Legal Services

Deficiencies of Online Legal Services

The Internet has made a great many things possible, from instant communication to the world’s largest collection of free information. Yet not all that information is accurate, and much of it offers only a limited view into a very complex set of specialized services erroneously understood to be easily replicated. Online legal services serves as

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Singles

Most see estate planning as a necessity for families – to determine where your hard-earned wealth and assets will go after you pass away. That said, estate planning should not be restricted to parents and grandparents. Believe it or not, estate planning is something even the never-married should consider. Estate planning tools do not require

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Living Trusts

Advantages of Living Trusts

Living trusts are touted as among the best and most common estate planning tools, for a good reason. They are versatile, keep you protected from probate, help you maintain privacy, and can turn a complicated estate into a smooth inheritance. But a living trust is not as simple as a will, and setting one up

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Power of Attorney Requirements in California - Werner Law Firm

Power of Attorney Requirements in California

A power of attorney essentially permits another person to make choices in your name. In its simplest form, a document acting as a power of attorney can be life-changing, life-saving, and very dangerous in the wrong hands. Because of that – and because of the value we place on choice and individual liberty – creating

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