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Defining a Springing Power of Attorney in California

Estate planning tools can be powerful when used appropriately. A power of attorney can be used to grant designated individuals, or “agents”, the right to act on your behalf, whether in a limited capacity or to fulfill a single purpose. Different power of attorney documents is used for different purposes.  Most of the time, a …

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Personal Representative vs Trustee: What's the Difference? - Werner Law

Personal Representative vs Trustee: What’s the Difference?

Personal Representative vs Trustee When creating a plan for your estate, it is important to ask who will physically carry out that plan. Personal representatives and trustees, while sometimes confused for one another, are two very different roles of crucial importance in the estate planning process. While both have a fiduciary duty to you and …

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What is a California Probate Referee? - Werner Law

What is a California Probate Referee?

When a person dies, their assets are distributed among the living. The process of overseeing that distribution – and legitimizing the documents detailing the decedent’s wishes and intentions – is called the probate process. Probate is overseen in a probate court, by a probate judge, in the decedent’s county of residence. Key to any probate …

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8 Tips for Creating Wills for Seniors - Werner Law

8 Tips for Creating Wills for Seniors

What to know about creating wills for seniors? More than three quarters of Americans aged 65 and above have a will nowadays, although that number drops significantly to just over half of all Americans aged 50 to 64. This is good news for millions of adults, as even a simple will can go a long …

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Estate Planning for Blended Families - Werner Law

Estate Planning for Blended Families

What does estate planning for blended families look like? Polling results from 2015 estimate that about one in six children lives in a “blended family”, which defines any family with a stepparent, stepsibling, or half-sibling. Furthermore, over 60 percent of remarried women marry into a blended family. There are estimates that at least half of …

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