How Does a Probate Sale Work? - Werner Law

How Does a Probate Sale Work?

Let’s say you own a rental property or are the sole owner of a home. Let’s say you die without bequeathing that property to anyone specific and leave behind children and a surviving spouse. What happens next?  Without a will, the state you reside in (and the state in which the property is located) will …

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Form 1041 Instructions Explained - Werner Law

Form 1041 Instructions Explained

An estate consists of everything you owned in death. A trust is a legal entity funded by your property and managed by a third-party trustee for the sake of your chosen beneficiaries. In both instances, these are accumulations of property and assets meant to be passed onto others at some point after your death (usually). …

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Understanding California Probate Law - Werner Law

Understanding California Probate Law

The death of a loved one is a very difficult thing. We make time to see to it that they pass on with their dignity intact and that they receive the funerary rites they deserve. But first and foremost, it is a time to remember and to grieve. Yet when that time comes, a lot …

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What is a California Probate Referee? - Werner Law

What is a California Probate Referee?

When a person dies, their assets are distributed among the living. The process of overseeing that distribution – and legitimizing the documents detailing the decedent’s wishes and intentions – is called the probate process. Probate is overseen in a probate court, by a probate judge, in the decedent’s county of residence. Key to any probate …

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What is a Probate Judge, and What Do They Do? - Werner Law

What is a Probate Judge, and What Do They Do?

A probate judge works in the civil court, and like any other judge, serves as a judicial officer of the state. Probate judges play a central role in the probate process, overseen by the titular probate court, or as it’s known in other states, the surrogate’s court. Probate judges make the final call for important …

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How Does Probate Work When There Is No Will? - Werner Law Firm

How Does Probate Work When There Is No Will?

Probate courts and the probate process are necessary for the validation of any last will and testament, as well as the arbitration of final debts and other financial obligations, and the ultimate distribution of a person’s estate left behind after death. Probate can and does work without a will and is necessary even if a …

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California Requirements For Last Will and Testament - Werner Law

California State-Specific Requirements for a Last Will and Testament 

California requirements for a last will and testament can be confusing. Hiring a professional will ensure that your documents are legally binding. A last will and testament is the classic example of a basic estate planning document: a legally enforceable set of instructions left behind, to be executed after death, pertaining to the distribution and bequeathment of …

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