How California Determines Affidavit of Heirship - Werner Law

How California Determines Affidavit of Heirship

When we die, everything we leave behind must be transferred and distributed among the living. Yet we do not all distribute our financial and material legacy equally. Some people utilize estate plans to determine distribution, drafting different documents to establish a succession order among heirs and beneficiaries, designate beneficiaries for specific assets, hold certain assets …

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How Does a Probate Sale Work? - Werner Law

How Does a Probate Sale Work?

Let’s say you own a rental property or are the sole owner of a home. Let’s say you die without bequeathing that property to anyone specific and leave behind children and a surviving spouse. What happens next?  Without a will, the state you reside in (and the state in which the property is located) will …

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Form 1041 Instructions Explained - Werner Law

Form 1041 Instructions Explained

An estate consists of everything you owned in death. A trust is a legal entity funded by your property and managed by a third-party trustee for the sake of your chosen beneficiaries. In both instances, these are accumulations of property and assets meant to be passed onto others at some point after your death (usually). …

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