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Estate Planning Before Vacationing: 4 Smart Must-Dos - Werner Law Firm

Estate Planning Before Vacationing: 4 Smart Must-Dos

No one wants to worry while on vacation, particularly about matters regarding estate planning. But by following a few suggestions, you can embark on your well-deserved rest worry-free, confident that every detail regarding your family’s security is attended to. Here are four estate planning items to wipe from your to-do list before stepping in the

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Estate Disputes

Avoiding Potential Estate Disputes

Estate planning exists to prevent estates from going up in smoke throughout the process of transferring wealth after death. What is meant to be a time of grief and peace can turn into legal turmoil, familial subterfuge, and substantial amounts of time and money wasted. Estate disputes can fuel these spectacular losses, turning a routine

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Singles

Most see estate planning as a necessity for families – to determine where your hard-earned wealth and assets will go after you pass away. That said, estate planning should not be restricted to parents and grandparents. Believe it or not, estate planning is something even the never-married should consider. Estate planning tools do not require

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